Chevy Volt Key Fob Battery Replacement

So, recently my 2014 Chevy Volt has begun honking at me at random times. Since this is a relatively new phenomenon, my guess is that the key fob battery is getting low. That is, as the radio gets weaker, the car may be having difficulty deciding whether I am inside or outside of the car. In any case, I use my key fob actively (remotely locking and unlocking) almost every day and it is reasonable to expect that the battery would need replacing after a year and a half.

The owner’s manual does provide instructions on how to replace this battery, but they are brief. The owner’s manual does not provide any diagrams and it is not visually obvious looking at the key fob where the battery compartment is. So… I have posted a few photos here in case anyone else is looking for guidance.

picture of a pack of two batteries
Replacement battery is CR 2032

The battery is a CR 2032, available in a pack of two at Walgreens for $7-8. Going forward, I will put this on my annual calendar and replace batteries in both key fobs once per year.

picture shows key fob with blade extended
First, extend the key blade

First, extend the key blade.

picture shows key fob with cover removed.
Flip key fob over and pop off lower half of case

Flip the key fob over so the buttons are facing down. You can pop the lower half of the rear of the case off by pressing up on one side. Once the case is open, remove the old battery and replace it. The manual cautions that you should be careful not to touch the internal circuits with your finger as static electricity from your body could damage the electronics.

Note that some brands of batteries have a paper sticker on one side. If your new battery comes with such a sticker, be sure to remove the sticker before inserting the battery into the key fob.

Once the battery has been replaced, carefully put the cover back on and squeeze it gently with your fingers to snap it back into the closed position.

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10 thoughts on “Chevy Volt Key Fob Battery Replacement

  1. I appreciate the information! I have a 2013 that I have only had for 3 months and I have already replaced the battery in my fob twice! The first time it sort of made sense as I had no idea when the last time it was replaced was. Second, I thought it was a bit odd but okay, maybe that was a bad battery. But then again this morning, I got the notice again to replace it. I know this is not normal. Any idea what is going on? I do have two fobs but the other one is far from the car when I am getting the message. If you are getting a year and a half and I am getting a month and a half, obviously there is something going on. My initial search has turned up almost nothing so I am not sure where to turn next. Any input would be helpful! I am new to this whole EV world! =)

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding – somehow I missed the notification e-mail.

    I have had my Chevy Volt for 2-1/2 years and replaced the key fob battery only once. Your case is clearly not normal.

    One obvious possibility is that your fob is simply broken and leaking battery current. You could look into getting a new one from the dealer.

    The other possibility is your usage pattern. Although I have not designed one of these, from some basic physics and electrical engineering we can guess that the fob has two modes:

    a) Near – in the car and standing next to the car, the radio in the fob probably puts out very little power. Routine sensing – ie: the fob is in your purse or pocket and only faintly responding to “are you there?” pings from the car – the battery should last a long time.
    b) Far – when you are standing 70 yards away from the car and push the button to (for example) remote start the vehicle, the radio clearly has to put out a ***LOT*** more power for the vehicle to notice it at that distance. My guess is that the battery in the key fob is probably good for only a minute or two total of having the radio button pushed down.

    Are you doing a lot of the 70-yards-away button pushes? Alternatively, do you carry the fob in a stuffed purse with some other rigid objects like lipstick cases that could be pushing the buttons while you are walking around? (Sort of a purse version of butt dialing).

    If you carrying the key fob in a stuffed purse, you might find some sort of small rigid plastic container for the fob (to prevent buttons from being pushed) and see if that helps…(?)

    Hope this helps,

  3. I have a 2013 Volt and I’m pushing 100k miles of having the fob in the car while driving. I’ve physically had the car three years, using the same fob to lock and unlock daily, and I’ve just now gotten the notice on my dash info to change the battery. A month and a half is definitely a problem even with excessive use!

    1. Same here- just passed my 3 year mark and along with onstar expiring my batteries in both fobs are sending “use fob to start” message Funny they both went at same time. I think the 21/2 months problem may be faulty batteries.

  4. Thank you for the helpful information. I just replaced my battery after receiving a message for my 2013 Volt. Was there any type of reprogramming needed? The reason I ask is that the replace remote battery message is still displayed after replacing.

    1. Sorry for the delay – for some reason, the admin notification did not get to me. In my case, I never got to a message display. The fob simply stopped working, or started to work unreliably. Not sure how to get rid of the warning message. <:-(

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