iPhone 3 Retires as an Alarm Clock

shows iPhone 3 on bedside table next to conventional alarm clock
iPhone 3 Retires as an Alarm Clock

Earlier this year, I upgraded from an iPhone 3 to an iPhone 5s. The previous iPhone 3 had served me well and had withstood an amazing amount of physical abuse. However, after four years of service, its battery was starting to fail and the rear of the case was cracked. So, I went to the Apple Store and purchased an unlocked iPhone 5 which I am now using with T-Mobile’s “Simple Choice” plan that allows global data roaming (an excellent concept that they are gradually working out the kinks in).

So what to do with the previous iPhone 3? When we looked online, amazingly it still seemed to have a market value of more than $100. However, given the cracked case and obvious imminent total battery failure, I simply would not have been comfortable selling it to someone else. Throw it away? I hate throwing away machines that are still usable. The answer? Alarm Clock. While the iPhone 3 would could no longer perform adequately as a mobile phone, it was still more than capable of performing as an excellent alarm clock, much more functional than any stand-alone alarm clock.

  1. First I got a longer cable. I wanted to be able to freely pickup and handle the phone without constantly having to fiddle with the cable. A two-meter cable was more than enough. By the way, for this purpose, a cheapo after-market cable was fine. All we needed was power.
  2. The phone still needed a SIM card. Even after transferring my service to the iPhone 5, I still needed a SIM card to make the iPhone 3 boot. I ordered a basic prepaid SIM card from Amazon for $1.50.
  3. That was basically it. Plug in the SIM card, plug in the power. Ready to go.
  4. The only additional thing I did was connect to our household wireless LAN so that the phone would be able to keep its clock up to date.
  5. I still keep the conventional clock so that I can see the display in the middle of the night without fumbling around to find the iPhone.

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