Little River-Academy vs Cameron Yoe

Little River-Academy takes the field after half-time at Cameron Yoe High School on Friday, 4 October 2013. Despite a valiant fight by the much smaller Little River-Academy, Cameron Yoe – the defending Class 2A Division 1 state champions – went on to win 41 to 10.

Class 2A indicates a high school with 200 to 429 students. Texas splits all the classes (1A is the smallest, 5A is the largest) into two divisions at all levels for championships. See Texas Football Classes and Divisions

Dave and Tomoko with Snacks
Dave and Tomoko with Snacks

Tomoko and our son Ryan (who played varsity football in High School) have been discussing a trip to see a real “Friday Night Lights” type of high school football game for years. This year, Tomoko and I got around to following through on the vision. After some discussion, we picked Cameron Yoe High School, the defending Class 2A, Division 1 state champions. We looked at their schedule and picked their October 4th game against Little River-Academy because that would be a home game at Cameron Yoe high school and it would also be the “homecoming” game – quite significant in a small Texas community like Cameron.

The Frito Pie Was Delicious
The Frito Pie Was Delicious

Food is an important part of the Texas high school football experience. Of course we had hotdogs…which were consumed in seconds. However, hotdogs are not particularly a Texas food. The quintessential Texas football food is “Frito Pie”. This delicacy consists of:

  • A layer of Fritos corn chips…
  • Covered with a layer of chili…
  • Covered in a layer of fluorescent cheese sauce.

Those with lactose intolerance need not be concerned by the cheese sauce. No cow is involved. The cheese sauce is made in Sugarland, Texas by Nalco Champion, the premier supplier of engineered fluids to the oil industry.

The game was at Cameron Yoe high school in Cameron, Texas. The Cameron “Yoemen” faced off against the Academy High School “bumblebees” We ended up sitting on the visitor side (Academy High School) because the home side stands were full. The visitor side was actually great. We had front-row seats on the 40 yard line – we were never able to get that close to the action in all the years our son Ryan played football at McNeil High School in Austin.

 Cameron Yoe Homecoming Court and Fathers
Cameron Yoe Homecoming Court and Fathers

One of the advantages of our visitor side seat is that we were able to get a really up-close view of the homecoming court and their fathers coming onto the field. That is, they came on from the North endzone, walked right past us, and lined up at the 50-yard line. They then turned toward the home side and waited. As they were announced, they walked one-by-one across the field toward the home side. After they were all on the home side, the election of the “homecoming queen” was announced and she was crowned. This year’s homecoming queen was a very talented young woman who was the president of the student council and participated in a long list of other activities as well.

Cameron Yoe Football Players in the Band at Half-Time
Cameron Yoe Football Players in the Band at Half-Time

We were also interested to see the number of players who rushed switched roles and played with the band at half-time. Cameron Yoe had four football players and four cheerleaders playing in the band at halftime. While this sort of multi-tasking does occur even at the larger high schools, it is quite common at the smaller high schools and is kind of fun. If you look carefully at the picture at the left, you will see that two of the drummers are actually in football uniforms.

The last thing that Tomoko found really impressive is that Cameron Yoe had a row of seats reserved for alumni of the class of 1963!

By the way, four our Japanese readers, Tomoko reported on the game as well ==> 日本語版

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