Scaling Down, Hauling Away the Junk

Picture of Left Over Junk
Left Over Junk

After all the garage sales, sorting, boxing, moving stuff to storage, and giving stuff away was done, there was a remaining pile of stuff which just would not easily go in the garbage can. The crude wooden shelf served faithfully in our garage for twenty-two years holdings soap and towels next to our sink. I built it out of some leftover shelving we purchased in Japan during our first overseas assignment in 1988. There was also the matter of a very useful extension I made for out kitchen table. One layer of plywood and one layer of pink insulation foam, it had a round notch that matched up perfectly with the oak kitchen table and allowed us to seat up to fourteen people for a sushi party.

Picture of the Haul Guys
The Haul Guys to the Rescue

When I was growing up in California, solving problems like this was easy: you just loaded up your pickup truck and headed to the city dump.

It is no longer that simple. The Austin landfill has a complex set of charges for tons of refuse. They clearly are not on a footing of welcoming casual dumping. Fortunately, I checked Angie’s List and identified The Haul Guys. They were great! I called them and got an initial estimate. I sent the an e-mail with the picture of the pile. They arrived, loaded up, then knocked on my door. They even gave me a discount because the amount was smaller than expected. Polite, friendly, quick, effective, very reasonably priced – I would recommend them to anyone who needs a pile of annoying stuff hauled away.

Picture of Hazardous Waste in Car Trunk
Hazardous Waste is Another Matter

One thing that remains a do-it-yourself operation is the disposal of hazardous waste. The Haul Guys will be happy to haul that away as well, but it drives up the price of the job quite a bit because the city of Austin charges commercial haulers high rates for disposing of hazardous waste. I had to separate out all the paint, insecticide, and leftover cleaning fluids and put them in the trunk of my car.

Picture of City of Austin Hazardous Waste Facility
City of Austin Hazardous Waste Facility

Fortunately, as a citizen of Austin, disposing of this sort of quantity of normal household hazardous waste is easy and convenient. The City of Austin Household Hazardous Waste Facility is open two days per week. You simply drive in. They check your address. An employee rolls a cart up to the back of your car and collects all the hazardous waste. The service is free for Austin residents. The entire process takes less than a minute.

Scan of Haul Guys Business Card
Haul Guys Business Card

I have posted a scanned image of the business card of the Haul Guys to the left in case anyone would like to contact them.

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