Christmas Cookies 2012

Christmas Cookies Ready for Parties
Christmas Cookies Ready for Parties

Baking Christmas cookies was an entertainment highlight of the Christmas season when I was growing up. Once I had children of my own, I made a point of taking the tradition over and making it part of our own family tradition. When the children were smaller, we made cookies together. I keep a binder of recipes that I mark up with notes about results, difficulty, preparation time, ideas for next time and so on. This binder is pretty thick and it has more than twenty years of notes in it.

In recent years, I had done most of the preparation myself. The children tended to be busy with other activities during the Christmas season. We also are fortunate to have a nice community of family friends and have developed a pattern of packaging up our cookies and taking them to holiday parties that we are invited to.

This year our daughter Erika came home for Christmas and decided to take over the Christmas cookie preparation. She is a good cook and did an excellent job. The plate shown above includes:

  1. Austrian Raspberry Shortbread from Smitten Kitchen.
  2. Chocolate Crinkles from Betty Crocker
  3. Cherry Gems from Blue Ribbon Cookies by Maria Polushkin Robbins (Editor)
  4. Sugar Cookies by Lag Liv.
Cookies Go Well with a Christmas Martini
Cookies Go Well with a Christmas Martini

As for the Sugar Cookies, Erika comments that it is slightly easier to cut the cookies if you chill them first. That is, Erika rolls out the dough between two sheets of wax paper. She then puts the dough (still between the sheets of wax paper) into the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes. After removing the dough from the freezer, she peels back the top sheet of wax paper and cuts them with a cookie cutter.

By the way, these cookies all go very nicely with a Christmas Martini.

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