We Shipped Our First Gift-Wrapped Orders!

Asatte Press First Gift-Wrapped Orders
Asatte Press First Gift-Wrapped Orders

One of the features of our store is a gift wrapping option. We set this option up several weeks ago in preparation for the Christmas season and Tomoko did some research into gift wrapping papers.

I definitely defer things like gift wrapping to Tomoko. Japanese are exquisitely skilled at wrapping things – my presents usually end up looking like they were wrapped by a drunken orangutan.

We also have the option of shipping a personal message on a card. Again, transcribing the message to the card falls to Tomoko. With her years of experience in Japanese brush calligraphy, her handwriting looks much better than mine. Which is to say, mine is non-existent. When I was in fourth grade, my teacher Mrs. Allenius (who had started teaching at the end of the last ice age) looked at me one day and announced: “David Hetherington, I hereby excuse you from writing in cursive for the rest of your life. You can print. Period.” And I did.  Starting that very instant. Interestingly enough no other teacher ever complained or even commented about the switch.

Asatte Press Vice President of Product Fullfillment Wrapping Presents
Asatte Press Vice President of Product Fulfillment Wrapping Presents

Tomoko did experiment with wrapping these presents in the Japanese fashion. This interesting approach involves setting the rectangular object at a 30 degree angle to the rectangular sheet of paper and repeatedly flipping the object over while carefully making triangular folds in the paper to end up with a rectangular object with angular wrapping seams. Properly executed, this sort of wrapping looks really neat. However, the Japanese wrapping approach requires crisp, thin paper. The foil paper she had chosen did not work well with the Japanese technique, so Tomoko reverted to the Western gift-wrapping approach.

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