We Shipped Our First Order!

We Shipped Our First Order
We Shipped Our First Order

Yesterday we received and shipped our first real order for the Asatte Press Store!

The order was for one copy of Systematic Martini Lifestyle.

Needless to say – our first product shipment was a major milestone for us and we did stop by Eddie V’s in the Arboretum to celebrate!


By the way, we have put quite a bit of effort into coming up with an ecofriendly packaging concept for our store.

  1. Bubble Mailer – We use a special reusable and biodegradable bubble mailer from EcoEnclose.
  2. Cardboard – We shrink wrap the book to a recyclable corrugated cardboard substrate.
  3. Shrinkwrap – Our shrinkwrap isĀ Biolefin which is a special biodegradable form of Polyolefin produced by National Shrinkwrap.
  4. Shipping Peanuts – for larger shipments, we pack the merchandise with biodegradable shipping peanuts that are made from cornstarch. These are really interesting. They look like normal Styrofoam shipping peanuts, but when you hold them under the running water faucet, they simply dissolve.

On another note, if you haven’t seen our recently completed promotional video for “Systematic Martini Lifestyle” on Youtube, you can see it here:



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