2012 IBM Uptown Classic 10K Race

So… some of my loyal blog readers are wondering: “Did Dave run the IBM Uptown Classic 10K 2012 or not?”

I did.   Both Tye and I did in fact. We had curiously mirror image results:

Year Dave Tye
2010 Slowest Ever Fastest Ever
2011 Fastest Ever Slowest Ever
2012 马马虎虎 马马虎虎

Tye quit his occasional smoking and pulled his time back in by about 3 minutes – despite miserable conditions (more on that in a minute).

I knew that I had not been able to run hard enough over the summer to be in shape because I was too busy running the Asatte Press summer internship program. Besides, the conditions were awful (more on that in a minute) so I just jogged the first four miles. By mile four I had reasonably warmed up so I opened up and passed a lot of people in the last two miles. Nevertheless, my overall time was basically mediocre. In my age category I got a polite Thank You for Coming result.

Asatte Press at the Freezing IBM 10K
Asatte Press at the Freezing IBM 10K

The big news this year was that Asatte Press was a sponsor of the race. We had been thinking all summer: Wouldn’t it be cool to go to the IBM 10K? We could show what an IBM Alum could accomplish. We could talk to all of Dave’s old friends. Many would have college age kids that fit our product. Win! Win! Win!

So… we spent a lot of money to become a sponsor. Luke’s Locker was very good to us (IBM’s actual involvement in this race seems to have diminished to almost nothing other than allowing their campus to be used..) Luke’s Locker gave our logo a prominent position in the sponsors page. We ordered a 10’x10′ (3m x 3m) canopy. The canopy was really heavy. Tomoko and I showed up Saturday before the race and wrestled the canopy into position. We thought through our story. We prepared a raffle for our Wine and Cheese: a Love Story poster.

We arrived the next morning at 7AM as required.

We had arctic like conditions. The nominal temperature was 53 degrees F. (11.6 C) but there was a ferocious, icy wind that made the perceived temperature closer to 32 F (0 C). We have run this race almost 10 times and this weather was a complete anomaly. Usually it is a little chilly in the morning, but as the blazing Texas sun comes up, everything warms up and everyone mills around after the race, listening to the band, sampling protein bars, and socializing for several hours.

This year, participants ran screaming from the finish line directly to their cars and drove home. No one stayed and milled around. Not even for a minute. Normally this event would have gone on until noon at least. This year, the race started at 8:00AM and around 9:30AM the band said: Where did everyone go?!, stopped playing, and packed up as fast as they could. We packed up as fast as we could too.

We were home with all of our equipment put away by 11:00AM. We had exactly two entrants to our raffle. We mailed them the posters on Monday.

We may continue running as private citizens, but as a promotional event, this was a hideous waste of money,



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