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Swimming in the constant onslaught of breathless patter from the technology pundits, one would easily get the impression that the entire planet is now fully virtualized, in the Cloud, using social media for everything and using mobile apps to run its life. Indeed the only stragglers would seem to be the few holdouts who are not using SIRI to give elegant high-level commands to all that wonderful stuff in the cloud to make their every heart’s desire come true.

Uline Rolodex Card
Uline Rolodex Card

Every now and then, it is refreshing when the window opens and a breath of “reality” blows in. Yes, it can be downright bracing as all the technobabble circles the drain and goes gurgling down into obscurity.

This week I had one of those moments. Uline, the North American hegemon in the packing and shipping materials space, sent me my very own ROLODEX card! That’s right, they didn’t send me an app. They didn’t “like” me on Facebook. They didn’t “Tweet” me. They sent me a nice physical, plastic card – complete with my customer number hand-lettered with a sharpie -ready for me to snap into my “Rolodex” on my desktop! Obviously, there are a lot of people who still have their trusty Rolodex on their desktop. Mobile? Virtual? Cloud Computing? Twitter? Facebook?  Nope! None of the above. When the going gets tough, they reach for their Rolodex.

Nice to have a reality check every now and then 🙂


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2 thoughts on “About that Virtual Cloud Mobile Social Media

  1. U-Line surprises us everyday with little gimmicks like this.
    From a Marketers standpoint, it is hard to keep up with U-Line, especially when we are in the same type of business they are.

    1. Frank,

      Great to hear from you! Well, since you are in the same business as U-Line, I will tell you their weakness, at least from our perspective: Their obsessive focus on quick service means that they seem to have no other delivery options than “Premium, Delivered by a Race Car with Gold-Plated Hubcaps”. The mandatory express delivery makes their stuff rather expensive. Most of the time I order online simply to avoid the time waste of looking around in stores. I don’t necessarily need the stuff right-this-instant. Cheap and slow delivery is an important option.

      My vice president’s comment: “and they make you buy enormous quantities of stuff… sometimes we just need one or two of something.”


      David Hetherington
      Asatte Press, Inc.

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