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Systematic Martini Lifestyle
Systematic Martini Lifestyle

We have the second draft of our book back from our print on demand supplier. We are about 70 percent content complete at this point. During the next month and a half we will be working to finish out the content and do final editing to get an initial version ready for sale.

This work has been fun but a lot harder than Tomoko and I expected. We have learned a tremendous amount about
photography and printing. Preparing an image for printing using CMYK ink printing is an entirely different world than quickly photoshoping something together to toss on
a blog.

The XML stylesheet that I started off using (DocBook) turned out to be too rigid and inflexible to meet our formatting needs. I have had to dive deep into XSL formatting objects and the XSLT transformation language to write our own stylesheet (APDoc) that can format a book with rich color content and a competitive layout.

System of Instruction for Young Men
System of Instruction for Young Men

The title of the book is “Systematic Martini Lifestyle.” It is a series of lessons for a young man to introduce him to the world of the sophisticated cocktail party. At the left of this image, you can see the typical 22 year-old guy (actually our son Tye) We take him through a series of five structured cocktail parties teaching him a variety of social and lifestyle skills.

The book contains five main tracks:

  1. Liquor – What are fine liquors? How are they made? What do the various marketing claims on the bottles mean?
  2. Wine – We introduce five of the major white and red wines.
  3. Cheese – What are the major types of fine cheese? How do they pair with wines and liquors?
  4. Clothing – How do you go about purchasing quality men’s clothing? What are the key points to pay attention to.
  5. Life Skills – how do you plan and execute a sophisticated party? How do you care for the fancy clothing? How do you handle a hangover?
Our Facebook App
Our Facebook App

As a companion to the book, we are developing a Facebook application that will be a fun learning and quiz game for Martini Lifestyle skills. We are still finalizing the name, but the current
choice is ClassyU.

This app has been the focus of a lot of  interesting collaboration between our graphic design team and our software development team.  We are currently developing a few different possible look-and-feel combinations for the app. In a few weeks we will start soliciting feedback from friends on the game. (It is not quite ready for prime time yet)

Our iPhone App
Our iPhone App

We will also have an iPhone application that provides the same
function as our Facebook application, albeit with a different
graphical design approach to accommodate the limited screen
size of the older iPhones.

Both the iPhone app and the Facebook app connect to a common back-end “big data” application that we are hosting on the Google App  Engine. That part of the  work is also very interesting and allows us to dabble in the latest in highly scalable Internet database design.

Asatte Press Store
Asatte Press Store

The final element in our business strategy will be an online store. While we do intend to make our products available through the Amazon Marketplace channel, our primary focus will be on our own store which we will integrate tightly with the Facebook and iPhone application.

We hope to have the store open and the two applications in beta testing by mid-August.

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