Asatte Press Spring 2012 Internships

We Have a Lot of Work to Do
We Have a Lot of Work to Do

We have reached a major milestone – we are ready to hire our first employees! Of course, the start is rather modest: we will be hiring three student interns for the Spring 2012 semester.

Of course, we can’t offer the lavish facilities of a major company. In fact, we can’t offer any facilities at all. Our dining room will be the “office” for our Spring 2012 interns. We also can’t offer interns the experience of working with gushing torrents of money that they might encounter in say an advertising agency working on major national accounts.

That having been said, we can offer some unique opportunities that interns are very unlikely to find at large companies. That is, students who intern at larger companies often find themselves doing glorified clerical work. Yes, the student might be working on a $20 million advertising contract, but the student’s scope for contributing or significantly affecting the course of the project will be small to microscopic. Our interns, on the other hand, are going to get to play a key role in setting up our strategy and processes. In particular, our interns are going to have a key role in defining our social media product and promotion strategy. I think this session is going to be a lot of fun!

The three internships we will be offering are:

  1. IT Internship – The IT intern will have the opportunity to help us build out our software development environment and web site. The IT intern will write the initial draft of the Asatte Press IT operations manual.
  2. Publicity and Advertising Internship – The Publicity and Advertising intern will play a key role in helping us figure out how to go to market.  Given a very limited budget, how do we get our products noticed in the marketplace? What are the most cost effective venues for us to do direct promotional sales? The Publicity and Advertising intern will write the initial draft of the Asatte Press publicity and advertising strategy.
  3. Promotional Product Design Internship – The Promotional Product Design intern will start with a a very small target budget and work with suppliers to put together several promotional products for us to sell in conjunction with our books and software. This is a position for a graphics or art student who would like to get a more detailed feel for what it takes to actually put a real product on the market. The Promotional Product Design intern will write the initial draft of the Asatte Press product development manual.

Our detailed internship description can be downloaded from the Asatte Press Employment webpage. We also have preliminary information posted there about our possible Summer 2012 opportunities.  If you know any Austin-area college students who might be interested, by all means pass this information along to them!

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